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A Book for Elie. Children's Book Illustrations.

Written by Rhoda Trooboff
Illustrations + Book Design by Anna Nazaretz Radjou
Published by Tenley Circle Press

Elie, his toy lizard Woody, Grandpa, and Grandma do the same old things every week. But what’s old and ordinary can become new and wonderful. A Book for Elie shows the surprises that patience and imagination can create for a toy, a boy, and his Grandpa and Grandma.

GIF A Book for Elie Illustration Process

The process for developing the illustrations in A Book for Elie


Based on the story, a composition sketch was developed for each page of what would become the book. Each sketch was then transferred onto a recycled wooden cabinet panel. The panels were then painted with acrylic paints, and some with colored pencils. After the panels were painted, they were digitally photographed.  These photos were then brought into the computer for added design embellishments, such as a custom lizard pattern. These images were then imported into the completed layout, to which the story text was added.

A Book for Elie

Painting of Woody the Lizard
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